Child development

Child development has cognitive theories  concerned with the thought processes. These thoughts influences the way the child will grow up. A human have different developmental aspects:

  • cog1.jpegPhysical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Perceptual
  • Personality DevelopmentThese factors determine the way in which the child will develop. For example if a child grows up without a mother serious cognitive development will be lost. Genie Wiley, was a young girl that was abused by her parents. she was locked up in a room and chained to a chair for days on end. Genie couldn’t speak when she was found. a serious aspect was missed when she was developing. this is a prime example of how crucial child development is for humans. If an aspect is missed as an adult they will not be able to proceed in day-to-day life at maximum capacity.

In my opinion child development is absolutely crucial, there are numerous cases of children growing up to have mental illnesses and social differences due to their upbringing. The aspects that I listed all develop before the child is even born. By the age 2 most of the neurons in the child’s mind have already developed. Helping this child learn and grow is so important. Although the importance of the steps and processes in which ages they are ready for development is also important. Children shouldn’t be taught things their brain is not ready for.cog2.jpg – THIS VIDEO EXPLAINS THE IMPORTANCE OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT – THIS VIDEO IS OF GENIE WILEY 

Phoebe, D, ‘Captive Humans’ viewed 25th May <>

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**EDITED – (Grammatical errors fixed, added more relevant images and added my sources)**


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